Our mission is to share our knowledge with young people everywhere enabling them to make informed choices about skin care and skin protection.

Skin Angels Treatments

Teenage Facial

The teenage facial is a specialist and popular treatment which aims to purify and help heal teen skin. Whether you have blackheads or spots as a result of hormonal changes, this facial which includes a deep cleanse with a hot steamed towel, extractions, mini massage and mask will deep-cleanse pores and increase circulation. Your skin will glow and look smoother and clearer than ever before.

What to expect 

One of our highly trained Skin Angels will advise the best methods to get on for a routine for acne-prone skin at home and on the go. We are proud to use 100% natural Environ Skin Care products which are targeted specifically to your skin’s needs. The Environ B-Active line contains ingredients like salicylic acid to regularly remove impurities and tea tree oil, a powerful and natural antibacterial and antimicrobial ingredient that never clogs pores.

For more information about Environ check out our products page.

The first step to caring for your skin is to book an appointment with one of our Skin Angels for a facial—just £40 for 30 minutes of pampering!

Seasonal changes will affect your skin in a number of different ways. Whatever the weather be sure to give your skin some special attention to make sure your skin stays looking it’s best.

If you take your skin seriously and want to be ready whatever the weather, we recommend monthly programme memberships which are available by request. Feel free to call us for more information on 01392 420 027

More About Skin Angels

"I am really passionate about educating people about skin protection. The Skin Angels are on a mission to show that applying sun cream is important all year round and in addition provide advice to people with common skin conditions such as acne."

Mariam Badavi, Director

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