Our mission is to share our knowledge with young people everywhere enabling them to make informed choices about skin care and skin protection.

Skin Angels Ambassadors

The Skin Angels have two brand ambassadors who are helping spread their message; Exeter Chief’s player Carl Rimmer and Devon-based singer/songwriter Clara Bond.

Carl Rimmer

Skin Angel Ambassador

“I am proud to be supporting the Skin Angels in their campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of the sun. As a rugby player I spend a lot of time outdoors and I know that harmful rays can damage the skin even on a cloudy day.”

Clara Bond

Skin Angels Ambassador

“I’m delighted to be joining Skin Angels as a brand ambassador. I really believe in looking after the skin from a young age and hope to help the team spread their important message. I have even written a song inspired by the Skin Angels mission.”

More About Skin Angels

"I am really passionate about educating people about skin protection. The Skin Angels are on a mission to show that applying sun cream is important all year round and in addition provide advice to people with common skin conditions such as acne."

Mariam Badavi, Director

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